About Us

Welcome to TransAfrica Construction and Energy Management

Under the diligent leadership of our CEO Stanley Enyih, our team of experienced, dedicated and highly committed technicians and engineers, TransCaribbean appeared on the scene of the African renewable energy market during our first renewable conference organized by our sibling branches in the diaspora Urban Green Depot, based in the United States and TransCaribbean Energy Control, based in the Caribbean, under the title “Integrating and Revolutionizing the Renewable sector of Africa.” This conference served as a platform to showcase our groundbreaking, state-of-the-art energy management technologies such as the TCEC Energy Controller, which is very effective for the improvement of low power factor.

Earlier in 2012, with our branches thriving in Europe and the Caribbean, we set out to establish TransAfrica Construction and Energy Management, TACEM to the African community as an avenue for ground breaking solutions to the problems of outages, high electricity cost, low power factor and especially their reliance on mundane electricity sources, problems which have plagued the energy sector of Africa, by the emergence of more sustainable sources of energy like wind and solar energy.

Our greatest commitment is to our clients seeking to explore sustainable sources of energy as well as to improve on the efficiency of their electrical systems. Our company desires to bring the most cost effective solutions to meet our clients’ specific needs while applying our in depth understanding of the specific challenges faced by the locals in the energy sector.

Our Core Team

Energy Group of Companies (EGC) has a diverse team of young, vibrant, passionate and talented engineers and technicians who bring knowledge, expertise and commitment to each project. Below we present Energy Group of Companies key members. Our team is a perfect reflection of our CEO Mr. Stanley Enyih, a young and dynamic entrepreneur who after living abroad for almost a decade, is passionate about using the knowledge accrued for the development of the world renewable energy and the fight against climate change.

Stanley Enyih



Technical Adviser EGC

Terence Bumah

Financial Adviser EGC

Our Expertise

  • designing, developing and building renewable energy technologies network;
  • combining renewable energy production with existing power systems;
  • arranging new supplies and negotiating tariffs with electricity provider (PPA);
  • negotiating and signing of PPA’s with government of Africa and the Caribbean:
  • carrying out site inspections and energy surveys;
  • designing and selecting of renewable energy equipment;
  • using mathematical and computer models to carry out design and specification calculations;
  • preparing detailed schedules of work, feasibility studies and cost estimates;
  • checking site and ground conditions for the installation of renewable technologies, such as wind turbines and solar panels;
  • negotiating service agreements and managing associated costs and revenues;
  • contributing to sustainable energy initiatives and researching new energy methods;
  • developing technical expertise in all matters to do with energy and environmental control.