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Expected savings between 6 — 25%

Where demand for electricity is huge, it follows that the imop can make a phenomenal impact. Not only does it have an instant effect on utility bills but it also improves motor efficiency and life — as well as reducing maintenance costs.

Business sectors such as food processing, agricultural processing, factories, cold storage, sewage treatment plants and breweries represent just a glimpse of where the imop can make maximum impact.

Learn about the imop & start saving on energy and costs.


Expected savings between 6 — 17%

Using the imop, savings can be made anywhere from coffee shops to supermarkets, hospitals to shopping malls, universities to 100-storey office blocks — and anything inbetween.

Maximise efficiency & minimise electricity.


Expected savings between 6 — 10%

Private homeowners are be able to enjoy the same benefits of energy-saving technology as the business world.

Learn about the imop & discover the benefits.

The green agenda has never been so high on business consciousness. Governments worldwide are imposing sanctions and carbon tariffs to enforce a more environment-friendly approach to energy use, and at the same time businesses are struggling to maximise profit in a time of global economic crisis.

Electricity is a fundamental resource we all take for granted but persuading staff to turn off the photocopier will never achieve the kind of energy savings needed to meet new government requirements. Never has an invention been so timely as the new electricity-saving device known as the imop.

The imop works by saving the electricity that is wasted every day in the normal running of electrical equipment, reducing energy bills by as much as 25%. Given that it has the added advantage of increasing the efficiency of motors and so prolonging the life of electrical equipment, it ticks all the boxes when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint.

Electricity and how we use it is fundamental to modern existence. Now is the time to stop wasting it.

Now is the time for the imop.

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