TCEC Energy Controller

TCEC – Why use the imop?

Demand for electricity is expected to increase over the next ten years but capacity will not increase in line with requirements. In some countries, this is already a major problem. In South Africa, Dubai and India the electricity supply is frequently disrupted or even turned off because of national power shortages.

In Europe, the pressure is on governments to be able to generate enough electricity and still satisfy the carbon emission targets set by 20-20-20. But with renewable resources still unable to contribute anything but a fraction of electricity requirements, governments have added another strand in their strategy to avoid an energy crisis.

Instead of producing more electricity, penalise anyone who is perceived as wasting it. Force businesses to reduce their electricity consumption or make them pay the price. Enforce stricter controls on inefficient equipment and encourage a more energy-efficient approach to replacement technologies. Add in stringent carbon tariffs to encourage green consciousness or, again, make companies accountable for their ‘excesses’.

In the UK alone, energy prices are set to rise by as much as 25% by 2020 — and may spike even higher in the interim. With a guaranteed return on investment of less than three years, can any business user afford not to consider an imop?

Accreditation from the Carbon Trust & Tritech ETV

Our energy-saving claims have been independently verified by the European Union's Environmental Technologies Verification scheme (Tritech ETV). Funded by the EU's Life Environment Programme, this new scheme validates the performance of green-based technologies. As well as Tritech certification, the imop qualifies for funding under a new scheme offered by the UK’s Carbon Trust.

The Energy Efficiency Financing Scheme, as it’s known, replaces the previous loan arrangements offered by the Carbon Trust to encourage investment in energy-saving equipment. Various financing options are available to all types of organisation looking to reduce how much energy they use, in a scheme run by the Carbon Trust Implementation Services in association with Siemens Financial Services.

The imop is a custom-built unit manufactured to Ip65 standards with CE approval. With no moving parts, failure rates are extremely low. Even so, we provide a product warranty for five years. In terms of health and safety, the imop is wired in parallel therefore will not affect the normal working of the inductive load in the unlikely event that a failure occurred.

"Customers will be paying sharply higher energy bills by 2020 unless they dramatically cut their usage because energy prices will rise by up to 25% and could spike much higher in the interim"
Source : Ofgem