About Us

Founded in 2007 in Dominica by its current CEO Stanley Enyih, TransCaribbean Energy Control (TCEC) has expanded to the English, French and Dutch Caribbean Islands over a very short period of time. Over these years, TCEC has successfully completed many large and small projects on several islands thereby placing itself amongst the pioneers and leaders in the renewable energy sector across the Caribbean.

Our company’s objective is to provide services to businesses, companies and government, which enable them save energy by utilizing renewable energy technologies and improving the efficiency of their electrical systems. Since the creation of the company, we have worked hard to recruit and train young professionals who have the desire to build a solid future while contributing giving humanity a better and more sustainable energy future. We have been able to accomplish all this by promoting electrical energy apprenticeship and entrepreneurship training in communities across the Caribbean. TransCaribbean Energy Control brings knowledge, expertise and commitment to each project.

Working at TCEC

Our company has a strong team that brings together successful start-up experience, environmental leadership and solar/wind industry knowledge. TransCaribbean’s early success and growth in the Caribbean have proven the power of this approach, jumping to the top-3 on the list of renewable energy companies in the Caribbean in our first year. We are now enhancing the customer experience with new online innovations, and increasing our services and partnership worldwide.

Our Core Team

Stanley Enyih



Technical Adviser EGC

Terence Bumah

Financial Adviser EGC