Mobile Solar

Standalone Off-Grid Solar Power System? We can help!

We specialize in designing and developing free-standing and skid-mounted solar power systems for industry, oil and gas, communications, water-pumping, and many other markets and applications.

We can design and develop a single free-standing system for a specific application or engineer large volumes of free-standing solar power systems that will be deployed across the Caribbean. Give us a call and we can discuss your power needs, load requirements, location constraints, and goals. We can help you create a turnkey solar power solution that will meet your specific needs.


Mobile Solar is a Photovoltaic Generator Mobile composed of 9 solar panels of 140 Wp each capable of ensuring 1.260 KWp. Thanks to the batteries contained therein Mobile Solar can operate even in the absence of sun offering the advantage of compactness, low noise, absence of fumes and fuel costs.

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No Installation required.
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