The imop is an innovative device designed to optimise electricity consumption — ‘imop’ being a more user-friendly term for ‘inductive motor optimisation panel’. It can be used on heaters, motors, some fluorescent lighting, any ‘inductive load’ — in other words, any piece of equipment that relies on a magnetic field for operation.

The imop is installed as near to the motor as possible, either on the floor or mounted on the wall. It only takes up about as much space as a briefcase but each one is individually tailored as a result of a patented diagnostic device known as a sizing kit. This is designed to precisely optimise each inductive load to its maximum efficiency, also known as power factor correction

The sizing kit is unique to the imop system, and the reason we can confidently boast that we have no competitors. Five years in development, this innovative box of tricks immediately selects the correct size of imop required to make the inductive load work at its most effective. So when one of our specially trained electricians visits a potential client’s site, he or she can instantly demonstrate and guarantee the electrical savings on each piece of equipment.

Without the sizing kit, the costs associated with precisely defining the inductive load requirements would be too great to be economically feasible. And the beauty of the imop system is that we can demonstrate and prove the energy savings before the client has had to spend any money.

"Ofgem has set out potential routes for the coming decade in four scenarios: Green Stimulus, Green Transition, Dash for Energy and Slow Growth. In all four, carbon dioxide emissions would fall and prices would rise. The only way domestic or industrial consumers could keep bills down would be to dramatically improve energy efficiency"

Source : Ofgem